Friday, December 02, 2005

Firefox 1.5 - Is It That Good?

Is Firefox 1.5 really faster than its predecessors? Yes it is.
Is Firefox 1.5 the fastest browser ever? No, it is not


  • Firefox is very user friendly (it even warns you that you are about to close a multitabbed window)
  • Firefox allows for many many user chosen customization that comes in forms of extensions and themes
  • Firefox 1.5 is faster than its predecessors.
  • Firefox renders better than ever, and now with SVG and CSS3 support


  • Firefox still is slower than Opera (it’s a grouch okay?)
  • Firefox can still bloat its memory usage to quite a huge amount


tulipspeaks said...

i love firefox!!!!!!!!!!


Mohan said...

I love it too ,,,it has a lot of functions though