Thursday, December 17, 2009

IT Dinner @ Hard Rock Hotel

Last month I attended my department's dinner at newly opened Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. The theme was beach night. Here are the snaps :-

Me and Malar

Found this MJ's statue in front of the hotel hehe

Wall of fame

The buffet food was really disappointment was not up our expectations ..

Some games were going on around the hotel, and I wished I could join this game, but Malar did not allow huhuh

Me with Amar @ Chote Bhaiya

I played this game, it's called Coconut's simple just roll over the coconuts against mineral water bottles and try to hit strike ..I did not win this game because there was no proper bowling track on the road LOL

Me with Slyvia and Nurul. Basically everything was good on that night except for the buffet food :D