Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things I wana do in 2009

Today is the fist day of 2009 ; it will be another wonderful year for me. I looked back at things I wanted to do in 2008, I found out that, I have only done 1 thing out of 8 things I wanted to do in last year, which is a trip to Australia. Kind of upset about it,but no worries, this year I will challenge my self to accomplish more . Here are the things I wana do in this year

:- Trip to Redang

:- Trip to Krabi

:- Get United Kit

:- Get a camera

:- Complete CCNA

I wanted to do this last year but couldn't do it. I must do it this year

:- Try new food

I am a food lover, so I want to try all the new foods out there

Happy New Year :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jagan's farewell

Last week, one of my co worker Jagan Raj flew back to India after he completed his assignment period in Malaysia . He stayed here for more than 8 months. Jagan is a very friendly, simple,funny and mysterious man. He became close with me and my co-workers. I never felt like that I was hanging with a non Malaysian when I spent time with him. He always had lots of stories to share with us and made us laugh. We had lots of fun and lots of laugh except for one good time for BOOZE!! hahaha,,one day man ( I have invited him for my wedding hehe ). Here are the snaps of his last day at work

Me with Jagan

Me with Raj ( Jagan's colleague)

His 'farewell' lunch with us.

See my friend , Kumar, he was about to 'cry' when this photo was taken. But I know he faked it haha

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Memories of 2008

2009 is just around the corner.2008 has been yet another wonderful year for me . I posted here,about things I wanted to do in 2008 beginning of this year. Let's see whether how many resolutions I have accomplished. Here are the highlights :-

1. Trip to Langkawi

I went to Langkawi for the first time , early of this year with my childhood friends. They say,Langkawi is a holly land for Indians,after I came back from there, now I know why call it like that.

2. Trip to Australia

In March , I went to Australia. It was my first trip outside of Malaysia . Went to lots of wonderful places. My favorite was Melbourne!! I wana go there again with my gf .

3. United are double champions!

No need to explain ..simply the best :P

4. Found my soulmate

Finally I found my love of my life. I am so grateful to my life that I have met this wonderful woman .Time is the best answer for all our problem.

5. The secret

This short movie has really changed my life. Every human being deserve to live happily and equally.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Retro :- Viji & Mohan's BBQ party

We did this party back in August this year. The party was for me and Viji for our birthday. As usual we went to Batu Ferringhi to do our BBQ party. Prasath , gave us a surprise visit from KL haha,,thanks to my frenz who arranged the party for us . Here are the snaps

Palani :- "I can start the fire with my fingers you know....."

Hello? Dubaiya? Is my brother Mark there?

Yayy,,I got my sausage!!

We did lots of 'sins' that day hahah

That's our cake

Me:- " I will show you how to cut cake ok? this,,like this"


Viji :=- I dont want!! I dont want!!,,Do it for Mohan"


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone out there who celebrate the festival. May United win more and more trophies next year, :D :D :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Retro :- Human Knot

We played this game ( Human Knot) back in Jun this year in the office. We played it as part of teambuiding,,but I just played it to kill some free are the instructions of the game and the snaps :-

:- Stand in a circle with a group of at least four people.

:- Use your right hand to grab the right hand of the person directly across from you.

:- Use your left hand to grab the left hand of the person to the right of the person holding your other hand.

:-Untangle, as a group, back into one open circle, without letting go of hands or dislocating any joints.

All ready

Anyone can easily guess which one is my lower arm wakakka

We started to struggle

The reaction of frustration

We learned to laugh in tough times from this game ehehe

ahahha,,Angelina almost pengsan

I tried to do something,,but it didn't work

In the end, we could not untangle knot , but who cares , we had fun!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Excelebrate Party

Last week, my team achieved a target at work, so the management threw us a party. The management called the party as Excelebrate Party. Here are the snaps :-

There were enough food for all of us..


You see, I am a very quiet person ......when comes to eating

Our three teamleads

Anyone can count the number of pieces in the cake? If you can guess it correctly, I will give you the same cake ( It's still in the Office fridge )

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Champions of the world!


Ok, the story goes like button from my old phone ( SE K750 ) fell off..I could not find it,,,then I took it to shop,,,and had to change the whole keyboard..ish ish..keyboard pulak..i mean,,Keypad..then,i went back home,, my little sister told me that her phone ( SE t630) not working properly that time,,one 35watt bulp appeared on my head ,,,and gave me an idea that this is a correct time to get a new phone for my, I made the 'ultimate sacrifice' by giving my old phone ( SE K750) to my sis and i bought SE G900 :D :D. Why I got it? For three key features :- 5 mp of camera, 3G and Wifi . Story ends

Friday, December 19, 2008

Retro :- Teambuilding - Nail Balance

We had internal teambuilding a couple of month ago. We started it by playing a game called Nail Balancing . It's an activity that requires "out of the box" thinking. This works best as a good team building activity to have it when we first enter the room; It gave us an opportunity to focus on a challenge together and connect through sharing ideas about how to solve it. Go here for more information about the game. Here are the snaps :-

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Water Gun Strike

I took part in my department's team building a month ago. I was with Kumar, Vicky, Vimala and Viji. We called our team as The Papadams!!, the same we used in our last year's teambuilding . We did not win anything , but we enjoyed ourselves :D. Here are the snaps

Early morning briefing about the game. Can see me ah, I was standing at the back. so did not hear a thing..

We really used 'recycled' items :P go green!

The great Papadams!!

Game On!!

It's time to take revenge !!

Judge Dredd!

The Winners!