Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Manhattan Fish Market

My team had our 2007's quarter 4's teambuilding at Manhattan Fish Market. The food was ok ,,better than sardines hahah,,We also celebrated our manager's birthday on that day.

Lots of items in the menu, haha,,my colleagues helped me to choose the dish

A correct time to gossip about others hahahah


Mei Chyi and Angel

See, smokers are really helpful , we are good
Our gift to our manager, indirectly the message was 'we give this, and you give us the raise'

hahah this photo so funny, like begging only

Product Development Support Team :)Just leave me alone,,i just wana eat my cake yummy!!
Love this team!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thaipusam 2008

Thaipusam, is one of the biggest celebrated Hindhu festival in Malaysia.You can find from here , , few reasons why the Hindhus celebrating it .Personally, I hope the devotees should behave well and preferably , the devotees who carry the kavadi will not dance for Cinema folks songs in the future. It's just doesn't make sense. Normally the Murugan temples are at top of the hills. The devotees have to carry pooja things like milk, coconut , flowers and fruits to the temples. They created a carrying 'tool' called Kavadi to put all the pooja things inside it . They sing devotional songs when they climb up, so that they can overcome their tiredness and boost confidence in other devotees. The festival has been 'evolved' until I can see devotees dance for cinema songs, kavadi carrying bicycle, and football club logos instead of pooja things.

Plus, I can't see a reason why we have to break thousands of coconuts on the street. For 'saangiyam' we can break one coconut, and use the valuable money to buy rest of the coconuts for charity or give food for poor people.

Here are the snaps :-

Damn!! I forgot his name
beautiful rite?
Vel !! Vel!!
Kishan boy n Me
Mayil Kavadi :D
The biggest kavadi/chariot of all
They were dancing the whole day!!
Dude! You are faking your smile :P

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am an coffee addict. It's all started when i was just started to watch late night football on TV and after that for exams ( errr, i did study okay? )

My mom used to make for me poor man's coffee , the black coffee a lot . It really nice to drink when it's raining but I did not really enjoy much until i got my 1st taste of Nescafe. I used to drink 4 to 5 cups of Nescafe a day. I have a migraine now, I believe is due to high coffee consumption.

Then I switched to Bru Coffee. The spelling may be different but it actually sounds like 'Brew' Coffee. Like the taste, mild and yummy.

Drank this coffee for few days, but it sucks!!

Now, I am addicted to this soooo much.

I also tasted some coffee from Costa Rica and Sri Lanka, but I want to taste more . If you have any coffees to recommend, please give their names. Thanks

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gayathri's Birthday

19/9 . It was Gayathri's birthday. We wanted to give a surprise for her. After work, we ( me and Vicknesh) promised to take her out to Nasi Kandar Pelita for a treat. As everyone else were waiting for us at Jegan's house , we drove to Jegan's house and surprised her with a small birthday party . That 'dungu' also believed that actually we were taking her out to Nasi Kandar hehehe .Here are the snaps :-

The cameraman!

G cutting the cake

The sister's act :P
We also had Pizzas hehe

Wuah,,viji's Somalia pose hehe

Palani is very tall until G has to stand on a chair to feed up LOL

My beloved gang

Monday, January 14, 2008

NIIT Gathering

I did my Advanced Diploma at NIIT, Prai (2000-2002). I can't forget those days. It was just after I got my bad STPM result and I told my dad that I am going to enroll at NIIT to do my Advance Diploma in IT . He was not happy about it. But, I always have a confident in myself to excel in IT career because I really have passion in IT field .At that time,financially we were really bad.I took a part time job at supermarket to cover my tuition fees. The classes starts at 9 am and finishes 12pm. After that I have to take 2 buses to reach my hometown by 3pm to start my work . They were so many days I have skipped my lunch and skipped my frenz invitation to watch movies at cinema , because I worked almost everyday without leave.No pain , no gain :). I made lots of good frenz at the college. Last month , we had small gathering at Starbucks, Autocity Perai.I was so happy to see them back after so long and the old memories flashed back in mind even when i was writing this post. Here are the snaps

We had a long talk

The last shot of the day

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Retro :- Gomathi's Valaikapu

I attended this function way back last year's June. You can check out their wedding post here. I was arranging my photo collections in my pc, I found the photos.The function is called Valaikappu.No one should practice any rituals blindly, they must know the actual reason why they are doing it. So why Hindus celebrating it? Well you can refer here .

All auspicious functions commence with the lighting of the lamp, which is often maintained right through the occasion. Light symbolizes knowledge or some people call it God .
The oil or ghee in the lamp symbolize human's ego .When lit by spiritual knowledge,
the ego too finally perishes like the oil . :)

Gomathi and her husband

Look at Kishan and his sister, they were looking at the rice only hehehhe

Getting blessing from her grandma.

Latha akka feeding her

Gomathi did some rituals ( guided by my mom ) which requires her to bend down and do something inside the milkpot. Clearly it's a good exercise for a pregnant lady .

Blessings from 3 aunties

Friday, January 11, 2008

Red Shoes Day @ Office

I love my Puma Red Shoe. In fact, some people call me Red Shoe Man hahaha..My working mate Mei Chyi also wears Reebok Red Shoe at work.Took some snaps:-

The colors hurting your eyes huh? hehe

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Shalini's Birthday

Vicky's gf , Shalini celebrated her birthday party last year( forgot the exact date ). It was a BBQ party. Here are the snaps

Shalini's cake

The kids really enjoyed the evenings.

Nilesh and Vimala :)

Shah with her mom

I also gave some help

Another Colgate advertisement heheh

Our own Billa hahahha