Thursday, April 30, 2009

Denise's Birthday

It was a marathon of events on that day,,,haha after Wii Bowling game,I went to my colleague Denise's birthday celebration in the office. Here are the snaps

Cake from Secret Recipe

Denise opening the box

Forgot the cake's flavor,,anyone know?

it's always good to have smokers around with you :P

We were thinking too long who should cut the cake, then my boss volunteered himself to cut it haha,,,this is what i called Risk Taking value in Intel haha

Denise's Birthday Celebration from meego7 on Vimeo.

Have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Harita Speaking in Gibberish

It's my working mate Kumar's baby. I was in my fren'z birthday party and I noticed she was speaking in baby language ,,baby's language is the most beautiful language haha

Monday, April 27, 2009

Phuspa's Wedding

Last month, I went to one of my colleague, Phuspa's wedding dinner. The wedding was held at Pearl Hotel, Penang. I was really impressed with the hall's decoration. Everything was in purple!! Just look the pictures haha,,I really wish my friend Mala could have attended this wedding as she likes purple alot!!

The photos were taken from with the permission from my colleague Phuspa, so later she cannot sue me la,,behahah,,I hope you have enjoyed the photos..have a nice day

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wii Bowling

2 weeks ago, I took part in internal Wii Bowling mini-tournament in my office at Chill Out Zone . The winner from this mini-tournament, will play against our big boss Paul Clark who will be in Penang, Malaysia this week. :D...Since I had few real bowling experience before, I thought I could win so easily. In fact I even thought of playing blind folded, but aihh,

The players

Virtual Bowling :D

This was my avatar , Bear Bear..yes yes I know I know It was a girl..I came in late to the tournament and it was my punishment to take a girl avatar hehe

Rayner got a strike!!

When come to my turns, I tried with so many styles to throw the ball using the Wii remote,,first I tried with Casual Style

then i tried with Street Fighther's Ryu style...still did not work

Finally I tried with Rambo style,,tak jadi juga ish ish

That's the final score..I got last place,,but if the game was played in Arab Saudi ,,I would have won it.,,.why? Coz over there ppl read from right to left wahahah

Islah ( middle) won the mini-tournament,,,for me? i had fun!! haha,,have a nice day

Friday, April 24, 2009

My KL Bus Trip

I went to KL for Purple Lotus' Birthday a couple of weeks ago. Since I traveled alone, I took a bus service called Matahari Bulan Express ( Sun Moon Express ). I was so excited with the name of the bus company and quickly jumped inside .

I noticed they just installed a new seats inside the bus, since it's new ,it was very comfortable

I was reading this wonderful book for few hours

These girls were sitting next to me,,once the driver started the engine, they immediately start to sleep...they were sleeping so nicely as if there competing each other in sleeping competition.

Pic Source :-

Now this is the bus service which I would like take next time when I go somewhere far far away from Penang. The bus service is called Aeroline , and in Penang, their station in located in Queensbay Mall. I am sure some of you have taken this bus before, if you have please share with me your experince. The ticket price is a bit expensive than normal, buttttt..check out the key features :-

On Board Toilets
Toilets are available on all our double deck coaches for a smoother and more convenient journey.

Reading lights

Overhead reading lights are available when you need to read during evening trips.


Aeroline seats are ergonomically designed to suit your body curves better giving you support at the right places.

Plug points

Power plug points are available on board for you to charge up your laptop or when your mobile phone runs low on battery.


Aeroline kitchenettes are equipped to serve you hot bottomless beverages and your Aeroline meal, taking care of your hunger pangs. Our friendly cabin crew would be serving you your meal on board as well as your coffee/tea as and when you wish.


Aeroline kitchenettes are equipped to serve you hot bottomless beverages and your Aeroline meal, taking care of your hunger pangs. Our friendly cabin crew would be serving you your meal on board as well as your coffee/tea as and when you wish.

I can go on,,hehe,,more details can be found here. Have a beautiful day ahead

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Robinson Falls

This was our last stop in Cameron Highlands before we head back home. We heard by local that there is a big water falls in Tanah Rata called Robinson Falls. So, we decided to go there . We lost for a while in the middle of finding the waterfall, but finally we found the place.

See the effect of global warming,,,even the metal can crumple..:D

In the middle of the jungle, we noticed this sign board beside a house which sells blackberry jam..

I am a footballer la,,so I could tahan a bit when I had to do jungle tracking for few KM..but my frenz,,,ish,,pity to see them haha..:P

Look at this mini waterfall,,,,we just looked at it and passed by the waterfall since it's very small,..then we continued our journey inside the jungle hope to find the real waterfall..buttt we did not find anything Malays always say " Satu Habuk Tara!!"..we were disappointed as we walked nearly 4 KMs and didn't find the waterfall. That night, I searched on internet about Robinson Waterfall over here...and to my surprise that picture you are seeing above IS THE ROBINSON WATERFALL!!..hihihi,...I haven't told my frenz yet about this Columbus Discovery,,,can't wait to see their face reaction huhuhu,,that's my Cameron Highland trip's experience,,I will definitely go there again!! have a nice day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bharath's Tea Plantation

It was night in Cameron Highlands, so cold and it was raining. So, we went to one of the nearest pub around our budget motel called Travellers Bisto & Pub to have some booze..

The next day, we went to Bharath's Tea Plantation to have breakfast

The awesome part was while we were taking breakfast at Bharath's cafe, we enjoyed this breathtaking view .

Bharath's Tea Plantation from meego7 on Vimeo.

It was one of the best breakfast I have ever had in life so far..heheh !! if you go to Cameron Highland, please go this cafe to take breakfast!! The Cameron Highland's travel guide can get from here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is Bowl Rice

Two weeks ago, me and Malar went out for Ayan movie in Sunway Carnival, Seberang Perai. After the movie we went to Is Bowl Rice to have some food. Why we went there? coz when we were going down to ground floor using escalator, we noticed at the end of the escalator point, one girl was holding a big menu of Is Bowl Rice . She had a very pity emotion on her face, we looked at her for a while, then we realized that we were entering into Is Bowl Rice. I think she used her telepathic power to attract us to that restaurant.

Malar with menu

Look at the name Oh Lala, reminds me of this song.

Now this is the fun part, we waited 40 minutes for our food. If there were lots of customer in the restaurant , we would have understood, but there were not!! While we we waiting, I told Malar that lets go for another movie while our food arrive..!!!.. we did not see a single waiter walking around . So we had no choice then approached one old aunty in the counter . She said sorry and our food arrived immediately.

Teriyaki Salmon

The fun part continues,,the waiter served us with the main item we ordered together with dessert!! I told the waiter to bring it after our main meal if not later we have to DRINK our ice cream .

Loved this dessert!! but forgot the name hehe

The food was so so and their customer service made the whole experience even worse!! My rating is 5/10

I am not complaining too much here, but I just wish they could have served us better because the meal cost us more than RM is beautiful when you don't go to Is Bowl Rice :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Priyasha's Birthday

Yesterday, I went to watch Fast and Furious 4, it was a good movie. The only drawback was , the movie damn short la,,1.5 hours rating.. 8/10...I still think 2 Fast n 2 Furious is the best :)

After just one week of Arunesh's birthday, I received another invitation from one of my best friend daughter's 1st year old birthday celebration. It was held at Summit Hotel, BM. Here are the snaps :-

Really impressed with the hall's decoration

The birthday cake :)

The birthday baby,,Priyshah Lakshmi

Priyashah with her parents :D

The entrance of the baby inside the hall was celebrated with confetti

Were you looking for me in the photo? Here I am,,,in my favorite section in the hall hehehhe

After the dinner, to digest the food people suddenly started to dance..:D

I am sure, the baby was so blur and could not understand what was going around her that night, but when the baby grows up , one day she will appreciate how her parents celebrated her birthday, coz trust me,,it was a damn good birthday celebration,,i was there,,:D