Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things I Wana do in 2008

I am a big of fan TV show, My Name Is Earl. The show is simply superb. I wana do the same thing like Earl. No no, i am not going to clear my bad karma,but I have created a list of things I wana do in 2008. Whether my wishes going to happen or not, I don't care !!! Your future depends on your dreams... so, start sleeping , ops I mean let's work for it! Here are my list:-

#1:- Trip to Australia

I have booked the ticket!!!

#2 :- Trip to Genting

Yup yup, I never been to Genting

#3:- Trip to Cameroon Highland

I never been to Cameroon Highlands either !! :(

#4:- Flat Tummy

Ok, dont laugh,,stop it!! I know I have a beer belly so what? i can have a flat tummy by end of next year!!!

#5:- Learn how to play acoustic guitar

My father can play an indian musical tool called Bull Bull Tar, he never been to classes to learn that, but I need to go!!

#6 :- Complete CCNA

I wana complete this professional certificate by next year

#7 :- Get a digital camera
Almost all the photos in this blog were taken by my K750. Since I am planning to travel a lot next year, I must get a decent digital camera. If anyone wana DONATE their camera also can heheh

#8:- United Kit

I have some fake United jerseys, but as a true United fan, I wana get an original kit!!!

Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Pangkor Trip | Finale!!

On the last day of the trip, we had a heavy breakfast in the hotel .

Wonderful breakfast

Nilesh 'loves' me soooo much hahhaha
Everyone was doubt about my 'talent' in archery but,,,,,

I proved them wrong,,hahaha

My Co-travelers, I had great time with u guys!! Love u all!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pangkor Trip | Part 5

The pangkor trip continues....the second day, after snorkeling we went to one Malay stalls to have lunch. The food was fantastic!!!

I told Tarsim that, we should not eat while we are eating :P

Sweet Len Chi Kang

This was my 'item'. The chicken tasted soooooo good
Vegetarian tomyam for Kuhan ( Tarsim's husband )

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Memories of 2007

Let me 'pause' the Pangkor trip post for now. I wana share with you guys some memories from this year.

1. The break off
My new year started with a break off with my gf. My frenz were surprised when i told them about my gf . hahaha,,coz i never been a romantic guy,, my close frenz know about me..for those who think that I am a flirter, just f**k off!!!I know about myself more than anyone else in this world. The relationship only lasted for 4 months . Everything happens for a reason . ;-)

2. New Job

I was really upset after the break off . Ppl say if God closed one door , He will open another one. In my case, He opened one dam's door huhuhuh. In March , I got a new job at Intel ,new responsibilities. new cubicle and new direction of my life.

3. United won the title

6. My 1st rave party

7. Pangkor Trip

8. Perhentian Trip

My 1st trip to East Coast of Malaysia

9. Parti's death

One of my best fren Parti passed away in a road accident.

10. Booked a new car

Peace out!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pangkor Trip | Part 4

The 2nd day , in the morning, we went for snorkeling . It was my 1st snorkeling though .

I have horns!!!

Mohgan bro @ The Boss hahaha

Our guide of the day, he talked a lot like 'Ah Pek' , but it was good, we enjoyed it!!

Wuahhh bring the sharks!!!

Vegetarian Tarsim teaching the fishes how to eat vegetarian foods


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pangkor Trip | Part 3

After we had a wonderful time with water sports, we went back to Lumut and had dinner.

The food was ok ok only,,still cannot compare with Penang nasi kandar :P

Nilesh, Vimala and Tarsim

We put the lemon for the protection :P
Chit chat after dinner

We went back to the hotel,,and Chivas gave us company for the rest of the night

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pangkor Trip | Part 2

At 3pm, we went to Pangkor beach and we rented Jet Ski ( Oh yea!!),it cost us RM 80 for 30 minutes, but it's worth it!!

We had to wait for 1 hour for an extra Jet Ski, so went to one Malay stall and had some teh tarik and donuts!!
That's me !! That's Me!!

We need 2 more girls!!

The guide took us to one place where we were able to see the sunset of Pangkor

See, I am the tallest!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pangkor Trip | Part 1

I went to Pangkor with my colleagues ( Kuhan , Tarsim (Kuhan's wife, Vimala, Nilesh and Mohgan Anne ) on August 10th . We stayed at Swiss Garden hotel in Damai Laut and I had my first time experince of snorkeling, kayaking and 'jet-skiing'. Here are the snaps

We stopped somewhere in Sitiawan and we had our lunch there , the nasi kandar suck though :P..nothing beats Penang Nasi Kandar!!!

Avanza is a really good car for traveling

Jetty shot

Nice nice nice nice
Swiss of the best hotel I have ever stayed so far

What a stunt!!