Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Vijay's Wedding Registration

Last year, one my best friend Vijay had a wedding registration. Me , Jaya, Desmond and Senthil attended the function. Here the photos :-


Vijay was handing over the wedding registration form to me as I was the next one to get married back then hehe

Happy moments :)

They will be getting married this coming June 18 :D :D

Watch this video below , funny ( In tamil )

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Butter Chicken

If you are my regular blog reader, you know one thing for sure about me, I am a food lover and I eat like pig...you never seen me cook anything,,,but I always wanted to cook..well, I know how to boil water and fried an egg,,but I really wanted to cook something which a human being can eat. I shared this master plan with my wife and she agreed to help me. Since I like chicken I decided to make Butter Chicken Curry for lunch. Here are the photos :-

Malar looking at the recipe online

Looks funny...me cooking huhuhu

Surprisingly it turned out to be very delicious

Lime rice

One thing I realized,,,I cooked for 6 people on that day,,and I only spent RM 20 in the market..If we had the lunch outside,,,I would have spent triple of the amount...so much can save!!..Btw,,you may get the full recipe over here. Have a good day

Saturday, June 05, 2010

House Warming Dinner

I did this dinner on January 30th, 2010. Just two after my house warming ceremony.

Since I did the house warming ceremony early in the morning, not many could not attend the event. It was a memorable night for me when all my close relatives and my close friends turned up to congratulate me. Thanks guys...sorry for the poor quality photos, it was taken by my 10 years old nephew.Here are the photos :-

Kutty Theeba hehe

Iswar showing off his MU belt

Moorthi Mama & Mugunthan

Sharing is caring? LOL

I still remember, for this event I was having terrible flu..plus not enough of sleep .. my face really look like a zombie in this pic

Got some cake cutting session for me and Malar for our registration ( Will post about it soon )

No party without a drinking session...Chivas forever

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

J.Co Donuts

Do you like to eat donut? Which one is better.,.Dunkin or J.Co? I was asking these questions to my friends after I had my first donut 'snack' session at J.Co at Queensbay, Penang. Thanks to Malar who knows better about donuts and guided me what to order. Here are the photos :-

Tira Miss U and Alcapone ( I love this!!!)

My Cappuccino

Malar's Americano ( American version of Kopi-O)

The free donuts ( Which I used to sell when I was 10 years old )

It was a worth spending money for the donuts and the coffee. Next, I am going to try Dunkin and
Big Apple.