Thursday, July 26, 2007

Retro :- Sega Frado

It was last year when a big group people left Intel and joined Dell. They got a huge offer from Dell , so they couldn't refuse it. We had a farewell party for them at Sega Frado. Here are some snaps.
We were eagerly waiting for beers
During that time we managed to snap some photos together
Can see me ah?
This is the reason for my beer belly. Damn!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Retro:- My nicest photos

The pictures were taken in last year's company dinner. A photo studio booth was setup to take free professionals of us..wahh sounds so good right? So I didn't miss the chance, and I took these two photos. I believe these 2 photos are the best of my photos coz I don't really look like this in the real world hahahah

Thursday, July 19, 2007

UV Nation

I went to this rave party last month. It was my first rave party . Me and Jaya went to Kl all the way from Penang. Jaya went there to pick up some chicks and I went there...I went there,,hmm I dont know why i went there...ok let me continue..the party was on top of 1 Utama. Around 20,000 people turned up and we didn't really enjoy much. Here are some snaps

The party started with local dj, DJ Desire
Then suddenly I saw a group guys with uniform with some equipments enter in the middle of the crowd. I screamed at my fren.." faster run!! police raid!!!'....after that i realized that it was a formal greeting given to famous DJs . Damn that was so embarrassing
Only the guy in the middle was enjoying the party. It was so hot and so packed with people in a small area like sardine inside a can.
benny benassi
After some time, me and Jaya got bored and we started to take pictures of each others..we tried our best to pose like a model ( yellam oru nenappu than )...but it didnt work out coz both of us has beer belly hehehe

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Once upon a time in my office - Part 2

I love to disturb my friends, I just love it...i can't stop it.

Yayyy,,some told me that I am a Nallavan

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Batu Ferringhi Boating

I haven't posted my sister's 21st birthday celebration photos . I will upload the photos soon. A group of guys , Shan, Umes,Rao and Suresh came all the way from KL for my sister's party. Umes has been my sister's chat friend for few years. They never met each other before until they met in the party. The rest of the machans are Umes' friends. They really wanted to explore Penang, but due to time constraint we only managed to go for boating in Batu Ferringhi beach. It cost us RM80 for 30 minutes. Here are some snaps

Me with messy look
Do we look like pirates?
Suresh, Umes, Rao and Shan

Thursday, July 12, 2007

OSD night

About a month ago, my department,Office Service Desk ( OSD ) organized a department dinner at Tanjung Bunga Hotel . The theme for the party was Hawaiian Night. So , I bought some beach wears and other 'jeweleries'. Follow the pictures for the story of the night

When I entered the entrance , Angel and Viji greeted me with lots of door gifts. They gave me garland, a shot glass with some decoration and 1 plastic ball

Then I realized that I came in late to the party. So they DJ asked me to dance for one bhangra song as a punishment together with other late comers.

As others were enjoying the food, we were enjoying with our 'item' hhehe,, note :- please dont drink it is bad for health :P

Then we enjoyed our food

So, I got drunk and i was playing with these 2 balls ..what a chinna pulla tanam ish ish

The organizers saw me that i was doing nothing than drinking beer non stop, they grabbed me to the centre of the floor and asked me to join in game. Until now I can't remember what I did in the game and what game it was.

The party didn't stop there . We dragged someone in the middle of the dance of floor and forced her to dance. Then we realized that it was our manager .

The super OSD team

Monday, July 09, 2007

Harita Kumar's 1st year old birthday

About 2 weeks ago , I attended my colleague daughter's 1st year old birthday party. Her name is Harita Kumar . My colleagues were waiting until 10 pm for an important VIP arrival for the party. The VIP was non other than ME!! :D..I went there late after they 'greeted' me l ike a VIP..fuiyoo... Here are some snaps

The family with the birthday baby

All of them are qualified for Colgate advertisement

The one in blue ( Kumar ) is already a dad, so the rest of the bachelor machans were getting tips from him hehehe

Me posing with laddu

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Retro :- Deepavali 06

Some sweet memories from last year's Deepavali

My lazy sisters made this simple ranggoli

Kavitha with her sweet smile

Me with Izzat ( in white T-shirt ) and his frenzzz. Izzat loves to eat thosai. When he comes to my house every year for Deepavali , he eats thosai instead of rice.

Shankara @ Shanku

My machans :- Desmond , Patta, Jaya and Senthil

Monday, July 02, 2007


I watched the movie yesterday. It was superb, fantastic,excellent , awesome, great,......banyak cantik and savadi!!!

Before the movie , we went to The Chicken Rice shop for lunch. The lunch for 3 of us cost us RM41 !!!

Desmond was eating non stop