Friday, February 27, 2009

Penang Waterfall Temple | Part 1

I am back to blogging after busy mode . I was given some new responsibilities at work, so I was damn busy lately. Now , let's blog..

Thaipusam finished a couple of weeks ago..Vel Vel. I did not go. Why? lazy..:P..even my family did not want to go,,why,,erm,, i dont know ,,they just did not want to go..but one week earlier to Thaipusam,we went to Penang Waterfall temple (where the actual Thaipusam normally takes place in Penang) to do some prayers. Here are the snaps from there

Before we climb up, we visited Lord Murugan's 'brother' Ganesha at foothill .

Cute Ganesh

After the mini prayers, we started to climb was so easy to climb without crowd :P

That's the view of Waterfall temple from few steps below :D

277, that's the total number of steps to go up. According to here, Batu Caves total steps are 272. But I saw few 'unnecessary' steps in Waterfall Temple. The steps looked like as if they were built to have more steps than Batu Caves. It's just my humble opinion :P

Kishan face 2 face with peacock :D..btw do you know the the female version of Peacock is called Peahen ? :D

Vetri Vel Muruganuku Arooogara..

I am going to Cameeron Highland tomorrow, will post about Penang Waterfall Temple , Part 2 after my trip , until then, have a nice day :D

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mike Dobbin

In England, more than in any other country, there is a tradition of supporters travelling en masse to away games.

Mike Dobbin, who passed away last month, attended close to 2,000 Manchester United matches in 44 different countries.

Those football fans who regularly follow their team away from home will be familiar with the concept of a "face"; a person you regularly see but rarely know, someone you nod at without saying hello to who reminds you that you're in the right place.

Occasionally you may even give them a name, so in my group of Manchester United matchgoers, we silently greet Dowie, The Ghost, Napalm Death and Mr Milky Milky. There'll be those within United's support who recognise the people I mean, others who won't and some who'll know them by another name entirely - maybe even the one their parents gave them. But one person who everyone could identify - usually by his surname only - was Mike Dobbin.

Dobbin died on January 29 at the age of 61, but in those years he crammed in more United games than seems humanly possible. Born in Prestwich, Manchester in 1947, he began going to Old Trafford as a child and over the course of his life his remarkable devotion to the red cause has cemented him into United folklore.

There are numerous anecdotes and statistics that illustrate Dobbin's loyalty, so here are a few. Despite moving to London to pursue a career in accountancy, he attended every single first-team game - competitive and friendly - from October 1991 until Boxing Day 2008. In all, he watched United on close to 2000 occasions and in 44 different countries, not missing a Euro away from 1965 onwards. On last summer's tour, to get to Nigeria from South Africa he flew via London, claiming it was cheaper that way, but few who knew him were surprised when he showed up at a reserve game at Oxford in between.

Most impressive of all, though, and certainly my favourite piece of Dobbin-related trivia, is that in the Fergie era he has attended more United games than the man himself, Sir Alex having missed a few occasions for family reasons, part-timer that he is.

Dobbin's loyalty wasn't just to the boys on the pitch. As travel secretary of United's London Fan Club, he spent a ridiculous number of hours arranging transport and tickets for those based in the area. He was particularly active during the "Red Army" years of the 70s and 80s when United would take thousands from the capital to every game, even though he didn't agree with the slightly mischievous philosophy of many of its members.

Some may think that this is of no relevance to anyone who isnt a match-going United fan, but they'd be wrong. Every club has its Dobbin, people who encapsulate everything that football was once about, and still is for those with eyes to see.

When Manchester United began life in 1878 as Newton Heath, it wasn't as a business or a brand, but a group of mates kicking a ball around for fun, just the same as nearly every other institution in both the professional and amateur game. That's why the league comprises football clubs and not football teams; the point was that they should be groups of like-minded individuals gathered together for a unified purpose, of which the men selected to take the field were but a constituent part.

Those on the pitch are merely transient, just passing through; incidental to the whole shebang when compared to those who were there before they arrived and will be there long after they've left. United supporters refer affectionately to the team as "the shirts" because ultimately it doesn't matter a stuff who's wearing them as long as they do so with honour and pride; what's important is the people and place it represents. Which is why Mike Dobbin is a mark one, bona fide red legend, woven into the fabric of the club every bit as much, if not more, than Edwards, Best, Law and Cantona.

Until his death, Mike Dobbin had actually attended more United games than Sir Alex Ferguson (and Fred the Red).
The shame is that those playing and running the game continually fail to realise this. Players become ever more remote, content to milk the adulation of the crowd for the duration of the 90 minutes, before insulating themselves from its members the rest of the time behind minders, gates and VIP areas.

Meanwhile clubs have effectively taken on the mantle of the local drug dealer, treating pathetically-addicted supporters like the worst kind of crackhead, while hopelessly in hock to wholesaling television companies whom the FA are entirely unable or unwilling to police.

All this means that any notion of accountability is exactly that - a notion - with the blame for exhorbitant pricing and inconvenient kick-off times passed around the little circle like a Chinese whisper. Nonetheless its members would do well to remember that ultimately there will be a price; not all supporters have the limitless loyalty of Mike Dobbin.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chill Out Zone

If you are working in office, you can't sit on your chair more than 1 hour . Your bums will heat up and finally you will turn to be a baboon. But, I am so lucky to have Chill Out Zone in my office. Why it's so special? Let me show...

The zone rules , must read this before you enter the room, if not, no one can enter :P

This is a smaller version of Ogawa massage chair, if you are a console gamer, you must get this!

Kumar is enjoying the real Ogawa massage chair, I have tried a couple of times, it really helps !

We have big screen Samsung Tv to play games!!

I am not a console gamer ..yet, I prefer PC gaming, but it's the only option available in the room

Magazines to read

In the room, there are 2 comfortable sofas to sit and sleep ..ops

and,,I am ending this post with a photo of innocent Mohan, that's it, have a nice day

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Red Alert 3

I still remember how addicted I was with Red Alert 2, so I 'bought' the latest version of the game last week. I am enjoying this game at the moment in my free time but I must say that it's not as I was expected. Here are my ratings :-

Presentation- 9.5/10
The production values in the cutscenes is impressive; the cast is stellar and has fun, and there's definitely a camp style in play.

Graphics - 8.5/10
Bright and saturated, Red Alert 3 looks like a comic book come to life. But there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to zoom out more.

Sound- 8.5/10
The riffing soundtrack features an updated Hell March theme, while the rest of the audio is pretty solid.

Gameplay - 8.0/10
Gameplay is essentially unchanged since the original; it's certainly fun, but it's not revelatory or genre defining.

Lasting Appeal -7.5/10
The campaigns and cutscenes will provide a fair amount of playtime, but you'll need to rely on multiplayer if you intend to keep playing the game after that.

Overall :- 8.2/ 10

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Manila Place

Last month, I went out with Malar to have some decent dinner at Gurney. After scanning with our 'food eyes' at food street in Gurney, we decided go to Manila Place.

We thought, we could get some Philippine's food, but then we found out that they serve normal western food.

The waitress told me that Mutton Shank is the customers favourite over there. So, I ordered it while Malar ordered Bombay Chicken.

That's our sweet bun and drinks, Strawberry Shake and Cappuccino Shake

Good deal eh?

The logo :D

That's our main meal, yummyyyy

Malar is enjoying her drink, she did not give it to me at all, :( pity me

This is a bonus picture for this post hahaha,,we were walking around Gurney after our heavy meal to digest our food, and snapped this deco for Chinese New Year. ...Overall Manila Place is food was average and it's a bit expensive. My rating is 6/10 . Have a nice day

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I am not sure how many of you all aware of this program,Digsby. I have been using this program for the past 1 week, and I am very impressed with it. Here are the pros and cons of the program :-

Prons :-

* Can check emails ( Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail .etc ) using Digsby. You don't have to login to each site to read your emails.

* If you chat a lot, you can integrate all your chat contacts within Digsby. You can add all your msn contacts, Yahoo messenger , Gtalk and even Facebook chat . I know there are few programs, like Pigdin and Trillian can do this, but I prefer Digsby, coz it's small, faster and easy to use.

* Another cool feature is you can update, check your messages and read the contents of your social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace and all other s**t. Everything here, you do not have to open multiple browsers :D

* This is the little notification (image below) that pops up when somebody IMs you or sends you a message. Its pretty awesome as you can reply right through it and don’t have to open the window

Cons :-

* I noticed that facebook chat connection is not stable ( without firewall). It's frequently getting disconnected .

* When use Digsby behind firewall, the chat connections to MSN messenger and Yahoo Messenger suxx big time.

Overall, Digsby's attempt to be a one-stop shop for communication is an initial success. Hope newer versions will fix the bugs . Give it a try , have a nice day