Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recap:- Bali Streets

Here are the photos taken in Bali streets in the second day of our trip.

We noticed the people in Bali pray all the time..i mean ..almost all the time! In the morning, afternoon and even in the middle of midnight.

And most of the prayers are males. We noticed that their full time is to pray and their wives go out and work and get some money. We went to few restaurants and other shops..all run by the women!

Bali Kapcai :D

You can find this idol in front of every Hindhu house in Bali.


Some of the status in Bali, are really marvelous...the Bali people are talented in carving and painting.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kek Lok Si Temple

Last January, I went to Kek Lok Si temple which is well known as 'Pagoda' in Penang. I went with my relative who came down from Kelang to Penang for this year's thaipusam. Here are the photos & videos

The bargaining process starts. Over here, you can get all sort of brands from all over the world. From Nike to Versace...since it's being made locally, it's veryyy 'cheap' LOL

You must take this incline lift to go to the top of the temple. This is the only incline lift in Malaysia. It cost RM4 for two ways.

Praying hard

The view from the top of the temple. By the way, you can also go to this temple at night , which you can have way better experience . Check here .

After the trip we went to Nasi Kandar kayu for a very early dinner.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Recap :- Jimbaran, Bali

Last year October,me and wife went to Bali for our postponed honeymoon.We took the the flight at 3pm and we reached in Bali at 7pm. We were so hungry, so after we checked in our hotel, we went to Jimbaran to have some seafood.

By the time when we reach Jimbaran, there were only few restaurants open . We randomly selected one shop to eat.

We only ate these two items only. You see the red 'sauce' thingy there? You will find this sauce every part of Bali in almost every food. Btw, the main highlight is...the cost us RM 145!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thaipusam 2011

For this year's Thaipusam, I was planning not to go as non of my family members do not have mood to go..but when one of my favorite aunty from Kelang called me and said that they are to Penang for Thaipusam, I decided to go with them as their personal guide eheheh..We reached Penang at 8pm..very late to celebrate and feel the Thaipusam was too crowded , so we where there 1 hour only.

Poorni, Sheckinah & Solai Aunty

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Red Tomato Garden Cafe

It was our last day in Langkawi and I kind of 'forced' my friends to have breakfast at Red Tomato Garden Cafe , hehe. A couple of my friends and other bloggers suggested this place to try for breakfast.

The place was crowded and we waited around 40 minutes for our food to arrive...just look at my friends' face shows everything.. ehehehe..

Forgot the name of the dish, but it's stated as one of the chef recommended item. It was not that good though :P. We paid RM 80 for 4 of us, it was expensive and the taste was a bit flat for all food we tried. Maybe we tried wrong dishes ? Not sure.

This post is ending my Langkawi trip I went on December 2010. Had a good time with my friend and looking forward to go again this year :D