Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Alaxander the great and a Yogi

You may have heard of Alexander the Great. We call a man who has killed so many people as 'great'! Every warrior is a coward. They kill others because they are afraid that they will be killed. When Alexander the Great went about expanding his kingdom, he was advised to bring an Enlightened Yogi from India with him. One day he saw a Yogi sitting by the river and he ordered him to return with him. The Yogi refused. Alexander drew his sword and put it to the Yogi’s neck and threatened to take his life if he did not go with him. 'You cannot kill me', the Yogi responded calmly. Alexander was moved by his courage and composure. 'Please come with me and I will make you leader of my army', he said. Again the Yogi declined. Alexander did not understand and asked the Yogi how he could be so content. The Yogi asked him, ‘What are you conquering lands for?’ Alexander told him, ‘So I can have more land.’ ‘And then what will you do?’ the Yogi asked. ‘I will have the whole world as my kingdom', replied Alexander. 'Then what will you do?' asked the Yogi. ‘Then I will be happy and relax', said Alexander. ‘That is what I am doing now!’ the Yogi exclaimed.

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Michael J. Farrand said...

I've started in on a poem about Alexander the Great "The Man Who Conquered the World". Thought you might enjoy it.