Thursday, July 19, 2007

UV Nation

I went to this rave party last month. It was my first rave party . Me and Jaya went to Kl all the way from Penang. Jaya went there to pick up some chicks and I went there...I went there,,hmm I dont know why i went there...ok let me continue..the party was on top of 1 Utama. Around 20,000 people turned up and we didn't really enjoy much. Here are some snaps

The party started with local dj, DJ Desire
Then suddenly I saw a group guys with uniform with some equipments enter in the middle of the crowd. I screamed at my fren.." faster run!! police raid!!!'....after that i realized that it was a formal greeting given to famous DJs . Damn that was so embarrassing
Only the guy in the middle was enjoying the party. It was so hot and so packed with people in a small area like sardine inside a can.
benny benassi
After some time, me and Jaya got bored and we started to take pictures of each others..we tried our best to pose like a model ( yellam oru nenappu than )...but it didnt work out coz both of us has beer belly hehehe


praveen said...

"beer belly's"


Mohan said...

Yea...doing 100 sit ups regularly, but still the belly is there :(

mandelism said...

fuuh...semmmee posing :D

ps. aa..same belly problem :(