Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gathering @ Nagas

I went to KL last month for two wedding functions . So, I set up a small gathering at my favorite hang out place in Brickfields, Nagas. I don't know , I just like the place. Here are the snaps

This is Ammu @ Amutha. I know her for 6 years. Met her in IRC channel. Very caring and smart gal ( Masters holder, dun play play )
This is Shan, 23, business minded and always talk about how to invest money to me, to me???hahah I always want to spend my money hmmm must learn from him how to save money
This is Praveen @ Microsoft Meenachi. Met her through her blog. Talkative, best fren and she is sooooo helpful!!
This is Thines. Met her through friendster few years ago and met her for the 1st time . She is good with her design skills.
Everyone knows about this dude, very innocent , very naive and very very down to earth :P
Thanks guys!!


Anonymous said...

Very innocent - hell not..!
Very naive - certainly not..!

Very very down to earth - have to agree to this fact, 101% true..!


Mohan said...

hahahah..prasath prasath,,arasiyelley ithu yellam sagajam appa

tulipspeaks said...

hehehe.. yea yea. dont play play.. :P