Friday, September 19, 2008

Cycling in Netherlands

Malaysians do not cycle much. Think about it, we use car or bike to travel within our town. I have a friend who drives his car to a shop to buy chewingum which is located just 1 km from his house . So, clearly one of the reason is our lazyness, but I would blame on our mentality . When I was in Australia, I met a Dutch couple and they were telling about how they use bicycle to travel . I did a small research on the internet about cycling in Netherlands, and I found out that, they do really use bicycle for EVERYTHING!!

Six reasons to cycle in Holland

:- The cycle lanes

Holland has got the best cycle lane network in the world. You can cycle on more than 19.000 kilometres of bicycles paths and lanes. It makes cycling in Holland enjoyable and safe (Holland is the fourth safest country as far as traffic concerns. Only the U.K., Sweden and Norway have lower numbers of fatalities)

:- The cycling routes

There are hundreds of cycling routes to enjoy a day, a week or a months of bicycle rides. By following a route you will avoid busy roads and uninteresting parts. Have a look at the where to go-section for inspiration on the subject of cycling routes.

:- The size of the country

Holland is small enough to cover in a holiday. From north to south the distance is only 350 kms, east to west it's 200 kms. On this scale you will travel through a variety of landscapes.

:- It's flat

The country offers easy cycling terrain. That makes it suitable for any cyclist, even children. Only in the far south, the province of Limburg, there are some minor hills.

:- Interesting mix of culture and nature

You'll encounter a little bit of everything in a day of cycling: nice landscape, interesting cities, small scale villages, historic buidlings....

:- No language problems

As long as you speak some English (or German) you'll get around fine.

I always believe that we should learn good values from other people. Maybe we can learn from the Dutch to use bicycle more in our daily life.


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