Friday, June 15, 2007


Some snaps after we attended one of our close friend's wedding

This is Jaya. The most 'decent' and good looking guy in our group. He is jovial, smart and funny.So as usual he is the girls favourite .He travels to KL alot, sometimes for reason , and sometimes for no reason. Working as a Business Planner. He started his career when he was 21, when I was doing my form 6 . He has established himself in his career.Btw he is not the owner of Jaya Catering, Penang.
His real name is Desmond but we call him 'Katte' because he is short. His physical appearence is his advantage to attract girls coz he is cute, bubbly and and,,sometimes can be very annoying. Working as a post officer at Post Office of course. He is the man of the house after his father pass away 4 years ago. Such a strong guy who can face all the obstacles in his life with a bottle of JD in his hand of course.
Patta or his real name is Vijay , is simply superb. He has a Malaysian Books of Record for taking 7 years to complete his diploma in 3 diffrent colleges. His main advantage to attract girls is his look as Datuk!! He drives his uncle's fancy cars so most of ppl here always misunderstand that he is a Datuk. His hobby is change hp and job every month.He is good in planning we go out for shopping or clubbing. He is our trip planner. Patta you rocks man!!

Nibong Tebal Ice Kacang

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Fhoebe ^_^ said...

Haha..when i saw Jaya i tot u were eating cendul at the Shop 'Jaya' and i wonder how come they got Cendul :p