Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Two weeks ago I attended an Effective Presentation Skill training at Bayview Hotel . The training is all about how to give effective presentation in front of people. I required to choose any topic to give the presentation. As usual , I gave presentation about Manchester United , THE BEST FOOTBALL TEAM in the world. The training conductor gave me comments, they were

i) I have Indian accents when I give presentation . ( ala Samy Velu I think )

ii) I should increase my voice tone ( like sapranos )

iii) I should use bigger hand gestures ( like Mr. Bean ?)

Here are some snaps

Lunch with the participants

Vimala, Me,Nithya & Bhavani

Street of India?

The group


praveen said...

i didnt know u had an indian accent.. I knew a guy once who spoke grammatically correct English, only thing was that he had an accent. Too bad..gotta work on that dude!

Mohan said...

Yes,,,Praveen, I should work on that. Thanks for your comment