Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aruna' s 21st birthday

I celebrated my sister's birthday on Jun 2nd. No one celebrated 21st birthday in my family, since Aruna is the youngest in my family , I just wanted to give her the biggest gift for her birthday. The party was awesome. Here are some snaps

Where is the key?
Me with the KL gang
Radha came late to the party coz she thought i was in Kulim...duh? It's Nibong Tebal my dear fren!!!
Aruna with the Penang Island refugees
Me with Kappa Kawans
Me with Sivaram's family


Keshi said...

Happy 21st to ur darling sis!

Wow nice happy family pics..I love get-togethers like warm!


Keshi said...

hv a naiiche naiiche wknd ;-)


Mohan said...

Keshi thx for the comment..if u were here,,i would have invited u..hehe,you have nice weekend too my dear.