Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dinner at Kaliammans

Me and Ishwar had dinner at Kaliammans. The food was ok but i was kind of pissed off with the owner who was scolding and yelling at the waiters non stop.

Can see the address?
My rate :- 6/10
The 1st coffee I had on that night
Ok this one, you wont get it at Kalliammans. :P.. Went to Starbucks and had coffee again...hehe


tulipspeaks said...

makan makan... mohan likes to makan!!! see.. whole world knw edi!!!!

btwn, do take part in the latest post in my bloggie! got hadiah la!


Mohan said...

heheh,, I love to eat.,,,I will take a look in your blog