Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dinner at TGIF

It was merdeka night. All of us were working on that day. We decided go to TGIF to have some 'BIG' meals. Here are some snaps

Some drink, I don't know the name
Aiyoo ,,these 4 girls really can eat .
Yea,,the power of cousins
Thini pandaram Viknesh behahahha
Nice pose eh?
Trust me,,they are not gays!!

and finally we did this


Yashotha said...

Hey, that drink was mine and by the way its called Chocolate mudslide.

Mohan said...

haa Mudslide ah? ish ish,,what a name

Juliana said...

altho' the name of the drink is odd, it sure looks darn tasty,tho'!! ;-)

The video clip was hillarious. Great job, Moghz!

stev said...

yes the mudslide rocks! (especially the full alcoholic version :P)

are you sure the v's arent... :P

Vicky said...

Unbelievably embarrassing at the same time unforgettable event…thanks to the great moghan…I was sabotaged I tell you.