Friday, September 07, 2007

Intradeco Annual Dinner 06

Sorry , I was so busy until I could not update my beloved blog ..but no worries ,,no worries,,i am was my last activity with Intradeco.. i was MC on that night ..yes,,MC of the night,,it was my 1st time as a MC for an event..another wonderful experience in my life..even though i was nervous in the beginning,,but when time goes by,,,i enjoyed it the whole session,,.,,here are some snaps

Me n Babu

Mappilai of the day..hehe

All the bachelors except for Uncle Yeoh

Look macho ah? but inside i was so shaking,,behahahah


tulipspeaks said...

ahem! :P


Mohan said...

aik are you sick? Do you need cough syrup? heheh

Juliana said...

Welcome to the world of emcee-ing Moghz. After awhile, u're going to LOVE it. :P