Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things I Wana do in 2008

I am a big of fan TV show, My Name Is Earl. The show is simply superb. I wana do the same thing like Earl. No no, i am not going to clear my bad karma,but I have created a list of things I wana do in 2008. Whether my wishes going to happen or not, I don't care !!! Your future depends on your dreams... so, start sleeping , ops I mean let's work for it! Here are my list:-

#1:- Trip to Australia

I have booked the ticket!!!

#2 :- Trip to Genting

Yup yup, I never been to Genting

#3:- Trip to Cameroon Highland

I never been to Cameroon Highlands either !! :(

#4:- Flat Tummy

Ok, dont laugh,,stop it!! I know I have a beer belly so what? i can have a flat tummy by end of next year!!!

#5:- Learn how to play acoustic guitar

My father can play an indian musical tool called Bull Bull Tar, he never been to classes to learn that, but I need to go!!

#6 :- Complete CCNA

I wana complete this professional certificate by next year

#7 :- Get a digital camera
Almost all the photos in this blog were taken by my K750. Since I am planning to travel a lot next year, I must get a decent digital camera. If anyone wana DONATE their camera also can heheh

#8:- United Kit

I have some fake United jerseys, but as a true United fan, I wana get an original kit!!!

Happy New Year!!


whAt A LiFe said...

Hi there, tks for dropping by my blog. It is very cute of you to blog ur new year resolutions with pics. Very interesting.

May you succeed the 2008 projects. :p

Keep in touch.

Mohan said...

Hey, thanks for your comment, have a good year ahead

venus66 said...

Hi, Happy New Year! May your wishes come true. Take care.

Abang Tam said...

Hai mohan... you should try canon camera.. Ixsus just fine.. already become referances for another brand for their design expecially for mid range of model...

for pro level camera... I dont know...!

my canon still under repair for over usage...