Sunday, December 23, 2007

Memories of 2007

Let me 'pause' the Pangkor trip post for now. I wana share with you guys some memories from this year.

1. The break off
My new year started with a break off with my gf. My frenz were surprised when i told them about my gf . hahaha,,coz i never been a romantic guy,, my close frenz know about me..for those who think that I am a flirter, just f**k off!!!I know about myself more than anyone else in this world. The relationship only lasted for 4 months . Everything happens for a reason . ;-)

2. New Job

I was really upset after the break off . Ppl say if God closed one door , He will open another one. In my case, He opened one dam's door huhuhuh. In March , I got a new job at Intel ,new responsibilities. new cubicle and new direction of my life.

3. United won the title

6. My 1st rave party

7. Pangkor Trip

8. Perhentian Trip

My 1st trip to East Coast of Malaysia

9. Parti's death

One of my best fren Parti passed away in a road accident.

10. Booked a new car

Peace out!!


sujend said...

wat car...big car..small car...3 tyres..6 tyres??

Mohan said...

Kereta Sorong

tulipspeaks said...

cool! i have just posted a similar list la! talk about co-incidence.. hehehehe..

anyway, happy holidays. see u in 2008!!!!


Mohan said...

Ammu-->haha..thanks , see u in 2008

venus66 said...

Yes, everything happens for a reason. May you have a better future. Take care. God Bless.