Saturday, April 05, 2008

Aussie Trip | On way to melbourne

We started our journey to Melbourne. Our estimation was 21 hours drive from Gold Coast.

Aussie Optimus Prime

lovely sunset

while everyone else enjoying the scenery outside, i was in my own dreamland hahaha

Super Nilesh was driving non stop for 5 hours, we frequently stopped at petrol stations to buy energy drink for him. But he had his cigarettes to kept him awake.

and I was helping him by sitting beside him and doing nothing..behahah

We stopped at unknown city and had our dinner . It was our first pizza of many more to come in our trip. I am not going to eat pizza for another few months

It was 19th of March 8 am, we haven't arrived in Melbourne yet. So spotted one public toilet to wash up and do the big stuff. Remember if you don't use toilet paper, always carry a empty bottle to,, know what I mean,,hahahahha

I ate this as my breakfast everyday when i was in Aussie. why? 2 reasons , first ,it's dirt cheap , second, I had no choice. :P

We stopped at petrol station to refill. The fuel prices in Aussie are different by states.

it's lunch time!! we took out all our groceries stuff we bought, we cooked lunch . I have no comment about the lunch. Seriously no comments.

Emma and Vim were enjoying the sceneries.

but I was doing my normal duty.

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Malar said...


Nice Pix but... where is the KANGAROO? your suppose to bring back one too!!!