Friday, April 04, 2008

Aussie Trip | The first day

Sorry guys I have been really busy at work after my trip. Finally I have a time to update my blog. So here it goes, it was March 17, we were at LCCT airport. Took this snap before we leave.

That's our plane. Some airbus plane.can't remember. But it's Air Asia X that's for sure haha

After 8 hours , we reached Gold Coast at 7.30 am local time. That's our shuttle driver, Lorry from England ahhhhhh ( Russell Peter's style)

We had our first meal in Australia at Subway.

We drove down to Brisbane to rent this caravan from Britz. It may looks small , but 6 ppl can sleep inside comfortably . It has air cond, heater, kitchen, it's like a moving house.Damn I miss the van.

We did not drive the van most of the time. So we were slacking at the back haha
Kuhan is doing final inspection

We saw a couple of houses like this in Brisbane. It looks like kampung houses right?

We did our first groceries shopping for our food supply. So, we got everything we wanted, we started our trip.

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tulipspeaks said...

wow! long fwd for more photos!! :)