Monday, May 12, 2008

Belated Happy Mother's Day

All my years , I have wasted my life, care and love about other women and I did not get anything in return . But, I never realized that all this while , this special woman loves me and cares about me without expecting anything from me. That's my mom. I gave her 'pattu' saree yesterday as a gift to her. She loves it!! So happy to see her happy face when I gave her the saree. A single saree is not sufficient to compensate her sacrifice for me, I know that. I will always love you .Happy Mothers Day..cheers :)


Anonymous said...

oii...why give ten saries to your mum...she need atleast a few years to wear them one nice one enufflaa

ryna said...

awww...thats so sweet and touching.
ur a great guy mogey..

Mohan said...

anonymous,I was referring pattu as silk saree :P

Ryna, thanks