Thursday, May 15, 2008

My best friend

I have a lot of friends..i mean alottttt..but if someone ask me who is my best , i would say , loneliness is my best friend so far.

Things normally I do when I feel lonely

:- I wake up and on PC and starts my downloads

:- Disturb my mom

:- Lock my self inside a room and sing quietly

:- Go back to PC room, and check the status of my download

:- Go with my mom out for grocery shopping

:- Iron my clothes for no reason

:- go back to PC room, and select a nice trance track and blast it!!

:- Chat with few online frenz,exchange sad stories , bla bla bla after that exchange
numbers,talk over the phone few times, promised to each that we will be best frenzzzzz...the following week...everything disappears like tamil drama on happened to me thousands time

:- On Tv , turn the channel to 812 ( ESPN),then mom shouts , switch it back channel 201 ( vanavil)

:- Watch Tamil drama together with mom, same story everyday,,gals crying ,,guys laughing,,dogs barking..old men read newspaper,,gals crying,,someone got killed,,gals crying,,everyone goes to temple and sits there 1 hour and talk about family stuff and gals cry again..,,

:- Go back to PC room and play few vadivelu and goundamani comedy clips

:- Go out for jogging

:- read online forums

:- Watch Viluthugal /Lost/or any documentary collections

:- Night time, listen to 80s and early ar rahman tamil songs with my imaginary friend ^_^

Things I wana do when i feel lonely

:- Read more books, I have bought few

:- Going to buy guitar soon :D

:- Meditate more, I do meditate but not consistent

:- spend more time with parents

:- play futsal

:- download more vadivelu comedies and laugh until my eye tears

:- blog more :)


tulipspeaks said...

loneliness - a friend who will never judge u :)


Gayathri said...

hehe..interesting...guess i shall follow sum of ur things tat u normally does wen ur lonely...

Anonymous said...

u forgot to say...u like eat a lot..
guys out der..dis fellar is the real thini pandaram..dun go for a makan outing wif him...u'll regret!!
precaution is better den cure!~ :)

Mohan said...

tulipspeaks :- thanks

gayathri-u should,,it really helps

anonymous-->Sujend i knw it's uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu pandi!!

sujend said... trace ip adress ka ..:)..maluunyerr