Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lunch @ Karaikudi

I am back in blogging. Finally ..I am back to normal..thanks for the pain..I learned a lot ..

2 months I went to Market Street, Penang to do shopping with my sisters. After the shopping, we had our lunch at Karaikudi. Since it was not my first time at the restaurant , I ordered my favorite fish curry with other delicious items.

Enjoy the photos :D :D

Aruna & Selvi

Fried cauliflower

Fish Curry ( My Fav )

North Indian Chicken Masala


The food was good, service was good and the bill was also 'good'..:D


Steve said...

Bro could you name the dishes on the photo...?

Mohan^ said...

I wish I could,,but it was 2 months ago,,i forgot man :(

Mohan^ said...

actually I named it,,but i put it in black font ..i hv corrected it

Steve said...

Cool bro...