Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dinner @ Karaikudi

I am back from Langkawi!! I had fun and I swam in alcohol hehehe..will post about it soon ..:)

anyway,let's talk about food this time. I have decided to go to new food outlets once in a month and try something new. Last month we went to Karaikudi at Penang Street, can check out more details about the outlet here, http://www.karaikudi.com.my/ . The food they served were mixture of south and north Indian food. Even though I am an Indian, I never heard about some of the items before. Some North indian item's name sounds like Bollywood actress.heheh,,The food overall was ok... I can give 6/10 rating. The best item I had over there was the fish curry..OMG soooooo tasty.Here the snaps

Karaikudi :-)

Shah and Vicky been here few times , so I asked them to choose the items for me

OMG so many item.!!! how to finish ?

nice pose eh?

Yayy!! I have finished them all!!



Keshi said...

Sounds YUMMY! Great pics too. :)



Anonymous said...

Karaikudi.. haha.. the best place to eat Briyani.. mutton briyani, my all time fav la.. sometime i wil travel frm BM juz to take my lunch in Karaikudi.. superb foods..

highly recomended!

Anonymous said...

the above comment by Raaja @ raajarox.com :)

tulipspeaks said...

kuttuvilaku post comedy la! :D


venus66 said...

Hi Mohan, how are you?
Good that you had a good time. Take care. Bye.