Sunday, June 06, 2010

Butter Chicken

If you are my regular blog reader, you know one thing for sure about me, I am a food lover and I eat like never seen me cook anything,,,but I always wanted to cook..well, I know how to boil water and fried an egg,,but I really wanted to cook something which a human being can eat. I shared this master plan with my wife and she agreed to help me. Since I like chicken I decided to make Butter Chicken Curry for lunch. Here are the photos :-

Malar looking at the recipe online

Looks cooking huhuhu

Surprisingly it turned out to be very delicious

Lime rice

One thing I realized,,,I cooked for 6 people on that day,,and I only spent RM 20 in the market..If we had the lunch outside,,,I would have spent triple of the much can save!!..Btw,,you may get the full recipe over here. Have a good day

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Gayathri said...

Hey Mohan, congrats! Your 1st cooking session :)
Looks Yummy..... try Butter Paneer Masala next time k?!
Oh.... and you might want to learn how to make this drink.....
I heard it's yummy! - BADHAM MILK! :D