Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ishwar and Kishan Boy

Last Friday, I met with one of my best friend , Ishwar. As usual, we went to Nasi Kandar Khalil, near USM and we had our favorite item over there Tandoree Chicken. Our ex-lecturer Mr.Sailendra could not make it. So I called my ex workmate Hong Chun who is currently working at Dell , to hang out with us . I introduced Ishwar to Hong Chun . As both of them have worked in F&B line before, they talked about pubs , beers and police raid in pubs for 30 minutes while I was nicely enjoying my teh tarik with Tandoree Chicken .

Kishan boy with his new jeans and new sweater .

Kutty Ghajini?

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Juliana said...

Teh tarik and tandoori chicken. Hmm, interesting combination. Never tried it before! Hehe...