Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May 02, 2007

I met up with Punesh bro who came back from his trip from Thailand. We went for a movie called Paratai (which means messy hair in Tamil, what a title ,yea) .

We went too early to cinema at 9pm as we thought we movie was at 9.30pm. So to kill off time, we went to Swenses in Juru Auto City
I nicely enjoyed this beauty
Priya sis and Punesh bro
Punesh bro, me, Sudesan , his wife, and Priya

Porchse beauty

As I mentioned earlier , we went for a movie a called Paratai. I tell you guys, it's the worst movie I have ever watched in cinema. I didnt bring a rope to the cinema, If i had I would have hung myself in the cinema.

I rushed back home to watch UCL Semi Final game at 3 am . United lost 3-0. Milan played better than United. Milan rested 6 players, in their last domestic game , so the team performed really well. United looked really tired.if United had not have lots of injuries, they would have been through. Past is past , domestic double , here we come!!

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