Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spiderman and Guard of honour

I was supposed to watch the movie with my chat friends , Xp and his gf Kogi, but they couldn't make it. So as usual I went alone.The movie was ok,,but i still prefer Spiderman 2. The movie finished at 11.30 pm. I couldn't go back home after the movie as the rain started to pour heavily. I parked my car outside.I waited with other movie mates for 30 minutes in front of Queensbay's main entrance. An old Malay uncle was standing beside me and he said ' adik jangan tunggu lama-lama, nanti hujan turun lagi kuat, lari saja la '. I told to him ' tak boleh uncle, dalam bag saya ada laptop, nanti basah , susah'. Then he replied back ' tak pe , esok jemurkan di bawah matahari, pasti ok'. .............. I managed to get a plastic bag from Starbucks and covered my bag with it and i just ran towards my car. huh.,what a day, it was.

It was a lovely sight at Stamford Bridge, Money FC players gave guard of honour to Man United players , you know the Champions of England!!

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Juliana said...

Haha, was cute to read 'bout tht conversation between you and tht Senior Citizen. :-)