Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thaipusam 2008

Thaipusam, is one of the biggest celebrated Hindhu festival in Malaysia.You can find from here , , few reasons why the Hindhus celebrating it .Personally, I hope the devotees should behave well and preferably , the devotees who carry the kavadi will not dance for Cinema folks songs in the future. It's just doesn't make sense. Normally the Murugan temples are at top of the hills. The devotees have to carry pooja things like milk, coconut , flowers and fruits to the temples. They created a carrying 'tool' called Kavadi to put all the pooja things inside it . They sing devotional songs when they climb up, so that they can overcome their tiredness and boost confidence in other devotees. The festival has been 'evolved' until I can see devotees dance for cinema songs, kavadi carrying bicycle, and football club logos instead of pooja things.

Plus, I can't see a reason why we have to break thousands of coconuts on the street. For 'saangiyam' we can break one coconut, and use the valuable money to buy rest of the coconuts for charity or give food for poor people.

Here are the snaps :-

Damn!! I forgot his name
beautiful rite?
Vel !! Vel!!
Kishan boy n Me
Mayil Kavadi :D
The biggest kavadi/chariot of all
They were dancing the whole day!!
Dude! You are faking your smile :P


KuMzZz said...

wei..intro kishan to me la..:P he's so cute..ony kishan ya.. his mama all dun wan.:P

Mohan said...

aii,,his mama also humble and naive like Kishan

KumZz said...

naive? u sure bout tat? tats not wat i hearrd...lolz..:P