Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gayathri's Birthday

19/9 . It was Gayathri's birthday. We wanted to give a surprise for her. After work, we ( me and Vicknesh) promised to take her out to Nasi Kandar Pelita for a treat. As everyone else were waiting for us at Jegan's house , we drove to Jegan's house and surprised her with a small birthday party . That 'dungu' also believed that actually we were taking her out to Nasi Kandar hehehe .Here are the snaps :-

The cameraman!

G cutting the cake

The sister's act :P
We also had Pizzas hehe

Wuah,,viji's Somalia pose hehe

Palani is very tall until G has to stand on a chair to feed up LOL

My beloved gang

1 comment:

G said...

hello.. how dare you call me dungu!
I just buat bodoh k? :P

thanks you guys!