Monday, January 07, 2008

5 things about me

5 weird habits of mine

:- I brush my teeth after I had my shower
:- I like to see couples photo
:- Every morning I must drink tea , if not my day wont start
:- I don't like to go out at night , weird for a guy rite?
:- I don't kill insects, really ..if a mosquito bites me i blow them away

5 things i hate

:- I hate to sleep in the afternoon
:- I hate Uppumavu ( one kind of indian breakfast)
:- I hate green colour
:- I hate racist ( who doesnt :p)
:- I hate our national anthem

5 things I never done it before, but wana do it in the future

:- I never had candle light dinner , looking forward to have one in the future
:- I wana do bungee jumping
:- I wana eat kangaroo meat
:- I wana visit the whole part of India, from north to south
:- I wana learn how to speak Spanish!!

5 things you never knew about me

:- I used to be a priest helper at temple ( when was 10 ),then I was active in anglican activities , later buddhism activities , now, I am a free thinker :P
:- I love charity , I only believe in that
:- I completed my degree last year ( I did that part time )
:- When i was small , I used to sell Kuih ( cookies) house to house, hahaha, i screamed like this " 3 kuih untuk 20 sen" (3 cookies for 20 cents)
:- I am an occasional smoker


Anonymous said...

congratulations on getting your degree despite the financial hardships you suffered. If all Indians were motivated like you we would become a super race.

Mohan said...

Anonymous-->Thank you very much :)

tulipspeaks said...

I hate Uppumavu ( one kind of indian breakfast)
I hate green colour

hi-5!!!!! :D


Viji said...

I know why you do not like going out at night!

Mohan said...

Ammu-->high 5


Viji said...

Your MU game!

Mohan said...

hahaha.,.Viji ..viji

Keshi said...

looking good mate! ;-)

U dun like going out at nite?


Juliana said...

wow, that's a nice summary of all your likes and dislikes. Happy New Year Moghz. May this New Year bring lots n lots of happiness to you! *hugs

Mohan said...

keshi-->thanks , yes i dont like to go out at night

Juliana-->Thank you hehe

venus66 said...

Hi, congratulations on completing your degree. Wot about master?
May you be happy always. Take care.

Mohan said...

Venu66--> Planning to do it next year :)