Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Manhattan Fish Market

My team had our 2007's quarter 4's teambuilding at Manhattan Fish Market. The food was ok ,,better than sardines hahah,,We also celebrated our manager's birthday on that day.

Lots of items in the menu, haha,,my colleagues helped me to choose the dish

A correct time to gossip about others hahahah


Mei Chyi and Angel

See, smokers are really helpful , we are good
Our gift to our manager, indirectly the message was 'we give this, and you give us the raise'

hahah this photo so funny, like begging only

Product Development Support Team :)Just leave me alone,,i just wana eat my cake yummy!!
Love this team!!


Alicia said...

Aww... I miss all of you guys.. looks like so much fun. But where is Denise ?

Mohan said...

hehe, she did not join us