Saturday, February 07, 2009

Red Alert 3

I still remember how addicted I was with Red Alert 2, so I 'bought' the latest version of the game last week. I am enjoying this game at the moment in my free time but I must say that it's not as I was expected. Here are my ratings :-

Presentation- 9.5/10
The production values in the cutscenes is impressive; the cast is stellar and has fun, and there's definitely a camp style in play.

Graphics - 8.5/10
Bright and saturated, Red Alert 3 looks like a comic book come to life. But there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to zoom out more.

Sound- 8.5/10
The riffing soundtrack features an updated Hell March theme, while the rest of the audio is pretty solid.

Gameplay - 8.0/10
Gameplay is essentially unchanged since the original; it's certainly fun, but it's not revelatory or genre defining.

Lasting Appeal -7.5/10
The campaigns and cutscenes will provide a fair amount of playtime, but you'll need to rely on multiplayer if you intend to keep playing the game after that.

Overall :- 8.2/ 10


Steve said...'s good to hear you also a gamer lah bro.Yeah I'm exciting looking forward to your next game updates.Cheer

Anonymous said...

eh bro..someone ripped off your ratings la -
better check that out...

Mohan^ said...

Steve :- Yes yes, but I am a casual gamer la hehe,,

Amonymous :- :P