Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Manila Place

Last month, I went out with Malar to have some decent dinner at Gurney. After scanning with our 'food eyes' at food street in Gurney, we decided go to Manila Place.

We thought, we could get some Philippine's food, but then we found out that they serve normal western food.

The waitress told me that Mutton Shank is the customers favourite over there. So, I ordered it while Malar ordered Bombay Chicken.

That's our sweet bun and drinks, Strawberry Shake and Cappuccino Shake

Good deal eh?

The logo :D

That's our main meal, yummyyyy

Malar is enjoying her drink, she did not give it to me at all, :( pity me

This is a bonus picture for this post hahaha,,we were walking around Gurney after our heavy meal to digest our food, and snapped this deco for Chinese New Year. ...Overall Manila Place is food was average and it's a bit expensive. My rating is 6/10 . Have a nice day


Steve said...

Looking classy and eye appeal...

Raaja said...

next time i join u k :)


Raaja said...

next time i join u k :)


Mohan^ said...

Steve :- Yea man,,you should try one day

Raaja :- Sure ,,no problem :D

tulipspeaks said...

when we were going out for dinner? ;-)


Mohan^ said...

When Malar is free..haha