Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

2 weeks ago, me , Malar and my sisters went to Ice Ice Baby to have Ice Cream. I am not a big ice cream fan but the girls love it. Here are the photos :-

Ice Ice Baby is located in Autocity ( Beside Starbucks )

It was 4pm..empty

This was my ice cream with lots of layers with nuts, cereals and banana

We ordered this set of meal,,trust me,,every single item from this plate was damn good

This was the best item from the plate it's called Stupid Balls LOL

Look at the nuts !!


julius said...
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raaja said...

how bout the price?

Mohan^ said...

Julius:- Yes, Finally man haha

Raaja :- The price was ok la,,it cost me RM 52 for the whole thing