Saturday, February 23, 2008


I was inside my room and staring at the garden through the window. I saw a pair of birds singing and flying cheerfully around the trees,the swans were swimming on the lake with a sunset.Then, I saw it! A butterfly,one of the most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen. The wings were so attractive and it's so perfect.The butterfly was flying around the flowers and it never stopped flipping it's was so beautiful..suddenly it started to fly towards me, and i got excited.. my heart beat started to increase..I was praying to God who created this beautiful creature to fly inside my room so that I can catch it and keep forever with me I wished it flew inside my room.. i was so happy,,it was flying around with me,,it sat on my shoulder , it showered me with happiness one moment i forgot about all my sorrows and i felt as if i was in heaven..suddenly the wind started blowstronger and the butterfly was pushing away by this strong wind towards the window.."Oh no,,it's going!!,,I dont wana let it go!! Please dont go my dear butterfly!!!Even the amount of time we spend together was short,,but you are very meaningful to me!!,,please!! please!!"... due to lack of skill on catching butterflies, it slipped through my fingers and it just flew away. I cried!!! I screamed!! but it never turn back..the next day, i was eagerly waiting for the butterfly in the same time with wide opened window and the door .Then,i saw the butterfly flew into the garden with another butterfly and it never noticed me! I had a mixed feelings. I was so hurt seeing my favorite butterfly flying away with another butterfly and ignored me but in the same time, i was happy as the butterfly has made a good choice ,,actually it is happier with it's partner than it was with me.Now,,i have shut all the windows and the door in my room. I don't want any butterflies inside my room anymore...buti am still wandering inside my room with the memories i had with the butterfly.I don't know how to overcome it!!

People out there, if you have your favorite butterfly , please do what ever it takes it to catch the butterfly, don't delay it,,for those who already have their butterflies, please dont let it go..Cheers..Mohan

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tulipspeaks said...

im listening to a butterfly song in thr now. wht a co-incidence!

like the moral of the story, though. :)