Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nilesh's Birthday

Last week was one of the busiest week at my work place. A couple of people took off for CNY, and it impacted our daily operation and I worked almost 12 hours everyday!!!! ( Of course i got some OT :P)..Even on Sunday!!..That's why I did not update my blog until nowww!!..

This post is about Nilesh's birthday which we celebrated at Batu Ferringhi beach.Here are the snaps

The evening started with gals chit chatting inside this camp( Yea guys,,they always do that)
huhuh.,.it was sooo dark, until Calvin offered to burn his petrol to give the light
it's my BBQ set, but i forgot to bring the steel cover to put on top of the fire,,,but thanks to Vicky's Einstein's wannabe thinking,,we used the skewers

Can see the bottle ah?
Nirmal bro!!
Vicky :- "Take me or the cake"

Had a good time!!



Keshi said...

Happy Birthday Nilesh! :) Nice pics here...

Mohan I got ur email..tnxx! Will reply soon. :)


Mohan said...

Thanks Keshi,,Cheers