Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cultural Night

It was just one week after ITV dinner, and we had another department cultural night . Big bosses came down from the States ( Just to say that " Don't worry, your jobs are safe FOR NOW) and overall the dinner was ok ,but as usual I really enjoyed the food though , behahaha.

The night started with Paul Clark's speech

After the dinner, we started our photo sessions ahhaha
Me, Nilesh, Vicky n Kelvin
Vicky and Viji, aren't they adorable!!
Amar and G

Jegan reddy always ready with G

G and one Ah Moi...really don't know her name even though i know her 1 year adoi, I must stop watching too many animes at work :P

Viji unleashed the dragon within herself!!! and she screamed like this Wuauahhahahhahah!! and she gave us fire to light up our cigarettes hahahaha
Notorious Gang :P


Anonymous said...

er..jegan reddy always ready with G? hello.. don't create confussion within the family lar.. he berpunye already..! :P -G-

whAt A LiFe said...

U seems to be having dinners after dinners. Enjoy maapalai! But nvr put on weight ah, lucky u.......

Anyway, u have a nice group of friends. Friends can make ur day very lifely, don't u think so, even though sometimes they can irritate you to the max. Lolz.....

Take care

: )

Mohan said...

G--> i knw but i knw u like pose with him hehehe

What a life-> Actually i did put on weight,,but it's not obvious in photos hehe,,i agree with u,,frenz are great!! :D and i am good at irritating hehe