Friday, February 29, 2008

Is It Good to be a Geek?

* There are lots of us out there. For the longest time I would downplay my geekiness and interest in computers, especially at school. You always think of the geek as being like the movie stereotype, who gets beaten on by the jocks. However being 28 years old, I find the older you get, the less you care about what others think. I came out of my Geek hiding place a few years ago, and was pleasantly surprised how many others are too. I now have lots of buddies at work, guys I went to school with etc. who have all revealed they are also big geeks, a lot of them, more-so than me! One guy I’d known for years, who I used to go out with and chat football and women, in the last few years. We have had some great chats over which web browser is better, mobile phones and video games. In fact I talk more to older friends… I have a good 3 or 4 I play XBox Live every other day with.

* You’ll enjoy your social life more:- Sort of expanding on point 5, I’ve met friends who’s company I enjoy a lot more… some in places you’d never expect. The iPhone alone has introduced me to two new friends. The first day the iPhone was released, I’d been to get one, and was coming back home in the afternoon with the Apple bag. A neighbor in my apartment block noticed me with the bag in the hallway, and started asking if he could see it. It told him I needed to set it up, but he could come over and check it out later. Since then we’re good buddies, we often play video games, and watch TV etc in each others apartments. Having my iPhone out in public, one dude and his friends also had iPhones and saw me in a bar and we got chatting, and ended up becoming friends.

* Your intelligence is respected. I’m now the guy at work who people ask questions to. In fact, others in the office will 99% of the time ask me a tech-related question before bothering to call out to the I.T department. My boss was wanting to buy a new TV recently, and asked me what he should get. I get similar questions about phones and computers. People really respect your view and knowledge I find.

* It’s cool to be a geek. In recent years, as gadgets and computers have become an un-avoidable part of everybody’s life, those of us who understand them and have the latest-and-greatest, have become cool. The whole geek-chic image is definitely more predominate now. Gone are the days of 80s/90s geek, who sits in lab during lunch-break, with his thick glasses. Now we’re the guys who drive nice cars with cool gadgets, have nice homes with big TVs and media centers, and love playing in the Apple store on weekends. Even girls these days dig guys who like tech, they like the fact we have intelligence. We go places and do things with tech a lot of people wish they understood.

* It’s who you are. The most important point. Admit who you are to the world, and you’ll always feel happier. If you’d rather be at a live Diggnation show, than the football game, then go there. If you’d rather be spending a Saturday afternoon on-line playing Call of Duty 4, instead of hanging around bars in town… do it. In the long-run it will lead to a happier existence. Plus you will attract people who like you for who you really are.

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Me said...

Good for you my friend. Nothing beats being able to be who you are. No hypocritical stuff and no facade... :)

Mohan said...

hey thanks man,,

tulipspeaks said...

ammu loves geeeeeeeekkksssssssss!



Mohan said...

wow..did not know that,, if u are consider yourself as geek , you can call your self as Geekummu hahah