Monday, December 22, 2008

Excelebrate Party

Last week, my team achieved a target at work, so the management threw us a party. The management called the party as Excelebrate Party. Here are the snaps :-

There were enough food for all of us..


You see, I am a very quiet person ......when comes to eating

Our three teamleads

Anyone can count the number of pieces in the cake? If you can guess it correctly, I will give you the same cake ( It's still in the Office fridge )


Steve said...

It is almost 44 pieces dude...haha count it thoroughly...wooooo.Think got it.Hopefully correct.

Mohan^ said...

Wow,great,,come to Penang,,I will give you the cake LOL

Steve said...

Wow finally I got it .You keep it first,maybe can take the cake when make a visit to Penang.LoL