Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ok, the story goes like button from my old phone ( SE K750 ) fell off..I could not find it,,,then I took it to shop,,,and had to change the whole keyboard..ish ish..keyboard pulak..i mean,,Keypad..then,i went back home,, my little sister told me that her phone ( SE t630) not working properly that time,,one 35watt bulp appeared on my head ,,,and gave me an idea that this is a correct time to get a new phone for my, I made the 'ultimate sacrifice' by giving my old phone ( SE K750) to my sis and i bought SE G900 :D :D. Why I got it? For three key features :- 5 mp of camera, 3G and Wifi . Story ends

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Im Using G900 tho. do u tink the camera can function well?? im seriously dissappointed with 5mp!!