Sunday, December 28, 2008

Memories of 2008

2009 is just around the corner.2008 has been yet another wonderful year for me . I posted here,about things I wanted to do in 2008 beginning of this year. Let's see whether how many resolutions I have accomplished. Here are the highlights :-

1. Trip to Langkawi

I went to Langkawi for the first time , early of this year with my childhood friends. They say,Langkawi is a holly land for Indians,after I came back from there, now I know why call it like that.

2. Trip to Australia

In March , I went to Australia. It was my first trip outside of Malaysia . Went to lots of wonderful places. My favorite was Melbourne!! I wana go there again with my gf .

3. United are double champions!

No need to explain ..simply the best :P

4. Found my soulmate

Finally I found my love of my life. I am so grateful to my life that I have met this wonderful woman .Time is the best answer for all our problem.

5. The secret

This short movie has really changed my life. Every human being deserve to live happily and equally.

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