Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Retro :- Human Knot

We played this game ( Human Knot) back in Jun this year in the office. We played it as part of teambuiding,,but I just played it to kill some free time..:p..here are the instructions of the game and the snaps :-

:- Stand in a circle with a group of at least four people.

:- Use your right hand to grab the right hand of the person directly across from you.

:- Use your left hand to grab the left hand of the person to the right of the person holding your other hand.

:-Untangle, as a group, back into one open circle, without letting go of hands or dislocating any joints.

All ready

Anyone can easily guess which one is my lower arm wakakka

We started to struggle

The reaction of frustration

We learned to laugh in tough times from this game ehehe

ahahha,,Angelina almost pengsan

I tried to do something,,but it didn't work

In the end, we could not untangle knot , but who cares , we had fun!!


tulipspeaks said...

interesting.. next time can play when u come here! :P


Mohan^ said...

Can Ammu,,no problemo :D :D