Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jagan's farewell

Last week, one of my co worker Jagan Raj flew back to India after he completed his assignment period in Malaysia . He stayed here for more than 8 months. Jagan is a very friendly, simple,funny and mysterious man. He became close with me and my co-workers. I never felt like that I was hanging with a non Malaysian when I spent time with him. He always had lots of stories to share with us and made us laugh. We had lots of fun and lots of laugh except for one good time for BOOZE!! hahaha,,one day man ( I have invited him for my wedding hehe ). Here are the snaps of his last day at work

Me with Jagan

Me with Raj ( Jagan's colleague)

His 'farewell' lunch with us.

See my friend , Kumar, he was about to 'cry' when this photo was taken. But I know he faked it haha


tulipspeaks said...

invited him for ur wedding????

ithe eppa la? soleve ile????????


Mohan^ said...

hhaha,,athu nadakke vendiya nerathil nadakkum :D

venus66 said...

Hi Mohan, thank you for your kind visit and wishes.
Nice to see you with this cheerful look.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and loved ones.
God Bless. Take care.

Mohan^ said...

Venus:- you are welcome..happy new year