Monday, February 07, 2011


It was my first visit to Putrajaya after the seat of Malaysian government was shifted in 1999. No one officially invited me there, so I have to go there my self eheheheh.

The cruise which can take you around the man made lake around Putrajaya. It's also available at night. Due to time constrain, we could not enjoy the cruise ride.

My second sister , Saras

Putra Mosque

Me & Malar

Perdana Putra

There are other tourist attraction places in Putrajaya, like Putra Bridge,Putrajaya Independence Square, Millennium Monument,Alamanda Putrajaya and etc. I will definitely visit all these places one day. For more info about Putrajaya, go here :-


venus66 said...

Nice pics!

Mohan^ said...

Venus66 :- thank you