Sunday, February 06, 2011

Recap :- Seafood dinner @ Batu Kawan

One of the best place to have seafood in Penang is in Batu Kawan. There are a lot of choices, but I would recommend everyone to go this restaurant called Prawn Village or it's better known as Floating Seafood Restaurant. Why, this one is the best? Keep on reading.

Malar & Me

My Family

The ladies :D

Oyester. It was one of the most fresh and cheapest , I have ever had. I bought this for RM 3. It's a must try .

Honey Chicken

These crabs were spicy and the sambal was sooo good. You can't eat it without lemon ice ( limau ais).

You need these to crack the crabs. If you love you teeth, use this

Tom Yam Fish Curry

This Satay is one the best I have ever had. The satay will be served without the 'kuah' and you can just eat it without the 'kuah'.

Fried Ice Cream.

You can make your own selection.

With all the items above with vegetables, it cost us RM 120++. I will let you to decide if it's worth eating there.


venus66 said...

Hmmm...looks so delicious.

Mohan^ said... was really good

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